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The construction company “Almo Konstruksion” Sh.p.k 

The construction company “Almo Konstruksion” Sh.p.k  is founded by the Court decision no. 14381, date 28.03.1996 based in the city of Shkodra. Currently, headquarter is in Tirana by the Court decision no: 6821 date 13.07.1999.

“Almo Konstruksion” Sh.p.k company has performed different construction enterprise works since its creation till now almost in all fields of construction such as; bridges with different spaces with HD 6-24 ml and some H / lights, roads construction and reconstruction, asphalt resurfacing, various metal overpasses with HD 21-30 ml, water supply and sanitation, reconstruction of social cultural buildings such as; schools, health centers, hospitals, multi-storey residential buildings, villas, etc.

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The company has performed works in a good quality in accordance with KTZ and it has accomplished them within the deadlines set in contract.

Today, the company has a prepared technical engineering staff with more than 30 years of work experience. Also, the company owns tools and machineries and financial resources sufficient to meet any ventures that can take the firm.

The main activity of ALMO KONSTRUKSION Sh.p.k Company is the field of infrastructure construction. ALMO KONSTRUKSION Sh.p.k has started the activity in 1996 and during this period of time it has successfully completed contracts of different nature mainly in:

  • Construction, reconstruction and road maintenance
  • Civilian objects Construction and reconstruction
  • Bridges and overpasses construction
  • Water supply and sanitation projects

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