Company Profile

Construction company "Almo Konstruksion" LLT was established according to the decision of Court No. 14381 dated 28.03.2016 with headquarters in the city of Shkodra. Currently based in Tirana according to decision No. 6821 dated 13.07.1999.
During the period from the creation until now the company "Almo Konstruksion" LLT. has carried out various works in almost the entire sphere of construction, such as bridges with different spaces with HD 6-24 ml and with some H / light, construction, and reconstruction of roads, asphalt coating, various metal overpasses with HD 21- 30 ml, water supply, and sewerage, reconstructions in socio-cultural facilities, such as schools, health centers, hospitals, multi-story residential buildings, villas, etc.

In all enterprises, the company has performed works of good quality according to KTZ and within the deadlines specified in the contract.

Today the company has a trained engineering and technical staff and with a work experience of over 30 years, also the company has tools and machinery as well as sufficient financial resources to afford any venture that the company can take.


Construction, reconstruction
and maintenance of roads

Construction and reconstruction
of civil objects

Construction of bridges
and overpasses

Water supply and sewerage

The company ALMO KONSTRUKSION LLT has in its ownership more than 40, tools and machinery which make possible the successful realization of projects in the field of construction.

During its activity of several years, ALMO KONSTRUKSION LLT has built over 200 km of urban and interurban roads, bridges, and overpasses of various spaces, and a turnover of over 30 million Euros in the field of infrastructure.